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Linkedin data for research

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To determine how strong ties needed to be for job referrals, LinkedIn dug in deeper and pulled data directly from 3 million U. Unsurprisingly, the data concluded that as job-hoppers got closer to their start date, they added more first-degree connections, which is likely from interviews and active networking, says Berger. So, how do we make sense of the strength in our weak ties, especially when it comes to landing a job?

Case in point is a paper published earlier this year in the Journal of Labor Economics, which used anonymized, aggregated data from U. She told Fast Company that most people go to networking events thinking only a handful of people can help them, when the truth is they may meet someone who has a useful connection.

But, women added first-degree connections at a slower rate compared to men 7. Hence, they can make the referral with a sound mind. And never assume that you know who can help you land your next dream job.

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linkedin data for research

Follow us:. By Vivian Giang 4 minute Read. Your LinkedIn photo could be costing you jobs. Impact Impact This DIY kit turns an Ikea box into a mask decontamination unit for hospitals on the brink Impact These new vending machines in Hong Kong offer free medical-grade masks to people in need Impact This moving Twitter account puts faces to the coronavirus statistics.

Design Co. Here are 6 reasons why Co.Facebook may be the largest social networking site in the world today, but LinkedIn has been supporting its users for a longer time period. In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the longevity of the tech company, which was founded inis a tribute to its utility and dominance within its niche in social media.

And, when it comes to interesting LinkedIn statistics and LinkedIn facts, there is a surprising abundance. However, LinkedIn is used sparingly, so you only have a few minutes to make an impact. Users only spend about 17 minutes on LinkedIn per month.

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Premium Career is best for those looking for jobs. The other tiers include essentially the same basic features but then go a step or two further. Premium Business gives you additional information about businesses and unlimited people searches; Sales Navigator Pro gives you advanced search filters, access to different sales tools, and the ability to make notes on user profiles; and Recruiter Lite gives you guided search smart suggestions and more recruiter-focused tools.

LinkedIn is an especially good source for discovering leads. The other primary reason LinkedIn users are active on the platforms is for job recruitment efforts. In fact, a study found that million people received an interview through LinkedInwith However, despite the advanced search capabilities, you will still want to optimize your LinkedIn profile suggested reading: How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn.

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The first step for doing this is adding a professional photo, which on average will get a user 14 times more views than other types of profile pictures. To boost your connection requests by fivefold, make sure you list your current position. After Microsoft stepped in, LinkedIn introduced several new features, such as Showcase pages. LinkedIn also introduced a calendar chatbotwhich syncs the calendars of two LinkedIn users so they can meet up. This is especially helpful for people wanting to connect with others in different time zones.

Although a chatbot feature has yet to be implemented on LinkedIn, AI technology has already made its way to the platform in the form of smart replies, or suggested responses. Additionally, LinkedIn also rolled out messaging, which allows users to send InMail in the form of chats, rather than with the email formatting, which cuts down on excessive clicking.

This feature also includes sponsored messages. LinkedIn allows you to share different types of content. Articles, which can be posted on your profile or on LinkedIn Pulse, links to your website, slideshows, and video are among the most popular types of content LinkedIn users post.

Content on the LinkedIn feed receives about 9 billion impressions per weekbut only 3 million users out of the more than million share content on a weekly basis. Additionally, it found that posts with five headings had the most views.

It also revealed that long-form content 1, words performed the best, as well as content with eight images. Try Kinsta for Free. Now, one interesting fact that you might not be able to tease out of your own posting results is that content published on Thursday tends to perform the best.

At one point, LinkedIn users could only embed video content from other sources. However, LinkedIn has now made it possible to upload native videos through the mobile app. Since then, LinkedIn has introduced filters for videos, as well as native video ads as part of sponsored content offerings. This enables businesses to share their own video content.February 7, By Microsoft blog editor.

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Igor Perisic — Chief Data Officer. Today, we welcome a special guest to the podcast. On this episode, Dr. Igor Perisic: Fundamentally, at the core of everything, you want an interaction to be very natural. Whether the design is superb, and it fits exactly the way that you would anticipate it, it just feels natural. How do you make that thing natural? How are you going there? Today, Dr. Host: Yeah. So, in broad strokes, give us an overview of what you do, and define your responsibilities in each role.

I build things. I build the data systems, the infrastructure, that powers the back end of LinkedIn, and the offline systems upon which we can manipulate our data. So, the Chief Data Officer is bridging these two, and has a little bit of a component around policy, in the sense of making sure that on one side, the security, engineering and legal are talking together to address the problems that can arise from there.

Host: LinkedIn has been both a thought leader and early adopter in the field of data science. Talk a little bit about that field in general, and, more specifically, its history and current role at LinkedIn. Igor Perisic: Well, so history. But fundamentally, I think it had another change of direction somewhere within the last ten years. It became somewhere around or 8-ish, which we worked at LinkedIn, and D.

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An individual who was really good about machine learning, so it can actually create those algorithms. An individual that could communicate. So, you can see the story. You can, maybe, write it up.

And a great engineer who would build infrastructure to it. So, you have to build everything. Today, I see it migrating back more towards the ability to create the story, the ability to see the pattern through the data, and then how it can actually help a product.

Igor Perisic: Yeah, I think originally it was because we created something that was different. And we gave it those two terms. Then, later on, as with everything, something becomes very hot and sexy, as a career. Igor Perisic: So, we do the same thing as we call it, a relevance engineer is the same thing as we call it, data scientist, or that we would call it just researchers, research engineers, data engineers.

linkedin data for research

They all migrate around the same topics, so certainly. Host: I love that. And I think that resonates with a lot of people. And that individual is always unique. But at the core, that opportunity is unique for that individual. And in that situation, it means that you need to actually build up your products or build up your experiences to that individual, and to tailor it to him or her. One of course is making your products better.

But you also referred to contributing to the open source community, and producing world-class research, peer-reviewed research. So, why is the work of your researchers important to the scientific community at large, and vice versa, I would say?LinkedIn will open up its data to academic researchers for the purpose of better understanding the labor market and the economy, Bloomberg reports.

The company is inviting academics to submit study proposals that in some way involve analytics, economics or artificial intelligence and it will select projects early next year. If chosen, researchers will then get access to "one of the largest and most robust datasets of professional and economic networks," according to LinkedIn Chief Data Officer Igor Perisic.

In a post-Cambridge Analytica world, giving researchers access to troves of user data may not seem like the best plan. But LinkedIn has put a number of protections in place to ensure its users' privacy isn't violated. Researchers will only be able to access aggregated, anonymized data and they won't be able to download it themselves. All proposals will also be vetted by LinkedIn's legal and security teams.

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The goal for the the initial challenge and subsequent research partnerships was to create greater economic opportunity through projects utilizing LinkedIn's data. As part of this effort, selected research projects must "relate to economic opportunity with an eye toward enabling a level playing field for economic outcomes.

Submissions will be accepted until December 1st and selected proposals will be notified within three months after the submission period closes. You can learn more about the program and the proposal rules here. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up.

How To Mine LinkedIn Data - Recruitment Insights

Instagram Live streams are now viewable on the web. YouTube's website is now more tablet-friendly. Instagram starts rolling out web DMs to everyone. Latest in Gear. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Getty Images.

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In this article: aianalyticseconomicgraphresearcheconomicsgearinternetlinkedinmicrosoftresearch. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.Via LinkedIndata is everywhere, at least for economists and academics.

LinkedIn opens up data to researchers to learn about the job market

Bloomberg reported that LinkedIn owned by Microsoft is allowing access to its data so that it can be used by academic researchers. The newswire reported Monday Aug. Among the chief protocols and protections: The researchers will have had to have their proposals approved by the networking site.

The proposals will be vetted by legal teams. The data, confined to a sandbox, as noted by Bloomberg, will be aggregated and anonymized at the same time. The researchers will not be able to download the data. Perisic also noted that the company had worked on projects that had been of value in motivating its own internal data science employees and research efforts. Broadly speaking, the academic ideas can be lumped into three areas.

Those three areas span economics, artificial intelligence AI and analytics. The executive told Bloomberg that roughly a dozen teams will have data access, and will be tied to an initiative known as the LinkedIn Economic Graph Program, a collaboration that expands on a program that traces its genesis to Recommended for you.

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linkedin data for research

Not every research project requires a fancy survey or focus group. In fact, a great place to do some exploratory research is LinkedIn. LinkedIn now has over 80 million members!

linkedin data for research

I swear just 2 weeks ago it was 70 million! In other words — most LinkedIn participants just want to help you. So you should take advantage of it. No matter what your question, chances are LinkedIn has an answer. The key to making it work is knowing where to find it and how to pull it out.

Log into your LinkedIn account and start searching on typical job titles of your ideal customer — i. IT professional. Now you can read through those profiles or reach out to people that you know with your questions. Click around the groups and find the groups that fit you best, then join the group and join the conversation and ask questions. Before there was the internet or LinkedIn, one of my favorite ways to do research for my marketing plan was to make a list of the top market share holders in a targeted market.

Then I would search articles and papers trying to decipher some kind of pattern or information. This section takes information from your connections and compiles them across all the people who are affiliated with that company to give you some interesting information. And then -all you have to do is search around those companies that are listed.

There are many more research features that you can explore within LinkedIn that will give you ideas into what to include in your surveys and polls. Use LinkedIn to start your market research process and see how much more you can learn in a few hours that might take days or weeks to learn otherwise.

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Though you're welcome to continue on your mobile screen, we'd suggest a desktop or notebook experience for optimal results. Publisher of DIYMarketers.Employees: 15, source. Note: Please link back to OmnicoreAgency. Show all. There are 17 million opinion leaders and 10 million C-Level executives on LinkedIn. Only 3 million LinkedIn users share content on a weekly basis. Posts split into 5, 7, or 9 headings perform the best. Articles without video perform better than those with video.

It is best to upload videos natively on LinkedIn. There are 35skills listed on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is currently available in 24 languages. LinkedIn now has over 30 million companies on LinkedIn with 20 million open job listings. There are 90, schools listed on Linkedin.

There are million job applications on LinkedIn every month. An average user spends 17 minutes monthly on Linkedin. LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views. There are 5. There are 6 million IT decision-makers on LinkedIn.

There have been 11 billion endorsements on LinkedIn. The average CEO has connections. LinkedIn SlideShare now has 80 million monthly active users. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about latest news, tips and advice on digital marketing.

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