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Memorist Apr. Bikers Kental 2 Mar. Cops May. The Great Battle Sep. Love, Again KR Oct. You Shine in the Moonlight Mar. Long Live the King Jun. Stand by Me Apr. Once Again Mar.

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A Piece of Your Mind Mar. Find Me in Your Memory Mar. Memorist Mar. When the Weather is Fine Feb. Hi Dracula Feb. The Cursed Feb. Itaewon Class Jan. Forest Jan. The Game: Towards Zero Jan. Money Game Jan. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 Jan. Touch Jan. Diary of a Prosecutor Dec.Watch ' Sweet Combat ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

Ming Tian Lu Han has had to work hard to provide for his younger siblings while growing up poor and without parents. He had to learn to use his fists to survive in the harsh world. When he gets a scholarship to attend a sports university, he meets fighters of a very different kind. With the help of Fang Yu and her friends, can Ming Tian become a skilled sportsman? Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! TV Sweet Combat. Channel Manager. Manage Followers. Episodes 37 See all. Lu Han Main Cast. Guan Xiao Tong Main Cast. Ivy Shao Main Cast.

Pei Zi Tian Main Cast. Cast - Sweet Combat. Li Meng Meng Supporting Cast. Zhao Yue Supporting Cast. Ding Cheng Xin Supporting Cast. The Lovely Fighters Team. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Learn more.

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Fetching results Community hasn't filled out any information yet. See Contributor's Wall. Clips Ivy Shao's Back to School Shouto Zhao Yue's Back to School Shouto Trailers 2.The Qin Empire is a Chinese television series based on Sun Haohui's novel of the same Chinese title, which romanticises the rise of the Qin state in the Warring States period under the leadership of Duke Xiao of Qin.

It was produced in and first aired on television channels in China in December The Qin state in western China has been weakened by years of poverty and internal conflict. It is now in peril of being conquered by the other six major states in the east.

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Duke Xiaothe new ruler of Qin, seeks to restore his state to its former glory during Duke Mu 's time and retake the Qin territories lost to the Wei state in earlier battles. In his quest to recruit talents to assist him, Duke Xiao promises to share Qin with anyone — including foreigners — who could help him realise his grand ambitions. He attracts the attention of Wei Yanga Legalist searching for opportunities to test his ideas.

After discussing for three days and three nights on end, the two men develop a close relationship and work together over the next two decades to push forth a series of groundbreaking sociopolitical reforms in Qin.

The reforms transform Qin into a powerful state and helped to lay the foundation for Qin's eventual unification of China under the Qin dynasty nearly years later. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Categories : Chinese television series debuts Television series set in the Zhou dynasty Television programs based on Chinese novels Chinese historical television series Television shows set in Xi'an.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DVD cover art.With mytaxi, they brought the international taxi market into the 21st century and redefined it around the world. The concept is based on the idea of establishing a direct connection between drivers and passengers to offer both sides a modern alternative to conventional booking processes.

To date, the specially developed app for this for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry has been downloaded more than ten million times and is now available in over 40 cities with a network of more than 45, affiliated taxis. With mytaxi Delivery, mytaxi provides merchants with a software package that enables the delivery of goods within one hour, or at a requested date and time.

We have been equipping taxis with tablet PCs since the end of These allow passengers to view the latest news and weather forecasts during their journey and simultaneously offer advertisers an ideal infotainment platform for product placement.

In order to improve the website to give you the best experience, mytaxi GmbH uses cookies. Your continued use of this website confirms you agree with the use of cookies. For more detailed information visit our cookie guidelines. About mytaxi. An Idea that Turned Into a Revolution. More information about cookies.The story follows a lady doctor called Han Yun Xi, who marries into the royal family and gets caught in the political machinations in the palace whilst she falls into a romance with her husband.

The story takes place during a chaotic time when the land has split into three kingdoms; Tian Ning, Western Zhou, and Northern Li. Han Yun Xi is a kind and talented woman who comes from a medical family and is adept with poisons.

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She is also forced into obeying the decree of the king and becomes a royal consort in name only. However, circumstances allow her to show off her skills time and again, winning the admiration of Long Feiye. Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 8. Reviews: 41 users.

Score: 8. Add Cast. Yalkun Merxat Gu Qi Shao. Hu Bing Tian Hui Di. Sissy Lin Ouyang Ning Jing. Kiki Xu Chu Qing Ge.This is a story of An ordinary girl who is from a poor family. Eventually She is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country that accepts only the upper class elites. She remains firm. Login Sign Up. Login to your account Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password?

Meteor Garden Jul. Chinese Drama Comedy Romance Youth. Episodes Info Cast. Seasons and episodes 1 Season 1 Jul.

mytaxi chinese drama

Meteor Garden Episode 49 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 48 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 47 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 46 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 45 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 44 Sub Aug.

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Meteor Garden Episode 43 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 42 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 41 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 40 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 39 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 38 Sub Aug. Meteor Garden Episode 37 Sub Aug.The stream was then made available to everyone the day after it aired. Two episodes were released per day on a Monday to Wednesday basis. It is also available globally on Netflixexcept for Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

The story centers around an ordinary girl, Dong Shan Cai Shen Yuewho is accepted into the most prestigious university in the country, Ming De University. Shan Cai is a girl from a family that barely makes ends meet. Due to the nature of her personality, she immediately clashes with F4, an elite clique composed of the four most popular boys in the institution, especially its spoiled, rich and arrogant leader - Dao Ming Si Dylan Wang.

Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai's unyielding personality that is like her namesake: a weed that can never be brought down. Shan Cai begins to see the good in the boys, paving the way for friendships and an eventual romance.

mytaxi chinese drama

However, Dao Ming Si's mother strongly disapproves of Shan Cai due to her social status and family background, thus the former doing all things in order to break Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si's relationship. The Chinese names of the characters are transcribed using official Pinyin transcription.

First names often consist of 1 or 2 characters. There are about 20 Chinese compound surnames and this does not include Daoming. This is the first of the two characters in the first names among all members which are cycled through the generations in this Dao family. Chai planned on making the remake a "fuller —and flashier— adaptation of the books". A casting call was announced on social media on June 21, with a video and the topic, " FindingF4".

In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. In China, ratings of at least 1. A senior describes the talents of F4. He instils fear in his opponent and they are bound to make a mistake. Being the heir of the Dao Ming Group, he is pursuing business and finance.

Huaze Lei has a talent of reading one's cards through their expressions, his sweet smile results in the defeat of his opponent.

He is a student pursuing the Arts of Music. Feng Meizuo has a sense of humour and is a playboy. His carefree attitude results in the opponent's mistake and his win. He is studying business and has an impeccable memory. Yan Ximen is a casanova and a tea culture expert. The senior also tells them about the fear they instill in their peers, but Shancai still goes to confront Daoming Si, the one who stepped on her phone.

Instead, she accidentally pushes Mr. Bobbitt, an important speaker and visitor to the university and is sent home for the day.

mytaxi chinese drama

Later, Daoming Si orders 20 boxes of takeout from Shancai's mother's business. After she arrives, they bicker, and it culminates with him smashing one of the boxes on her neck.

My creepy boss wants to be my sugar daddy - Chinese Drama - Youth (2018)

Once she leaves, she is assaulted by 2 men and is saved by Huaze Lei, another member of F4. The next day, Shancai returns to land a flying kick on Daoming Si's face, knocking him out. Daoming Si's friends, the F4, carry him home and leave him tied up in toilet paper as a prank. After knocking out Daoming Si with one kick, Shancai becomes famous throughout the entire school.

Shancai is puzzled when two men in suits extend her an invitation to Daoming Si's mansion. She wonders if it's a trick since the men claim that Daoming Si is ready to apologize and will buy her a new phone, but she gets in the car anyway. Upon her arrival, an army of stylists flock to her and after much poking and scrubbing against her will, Shancai emerges all made up in a cute outfit.

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